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Junior Archery

Trosper Archery Club has reached out to the archers of tomorrow in establishing a National-Archery-Association-certified Junior Olympic Archery Development Club (JOAD) for archers twenty and under. 

Trosper JOAD Club will usually meet on Saturday.  The actual time and place will be posted on the Home Page. Please check this site for any changes due to weather, or any schedule conflicts due to a tournament scheduled at that time.


The JOAD Program provides boys and girls with an opportunity to learn to shoot and win awards for achievement in shooting, as well as opportunities to compete with others their age. Nationally the NAA's JOAD Clubs have contributed significantly to filling our spots on the U. S. Olympic Archery Teams, since many recent U.S. Olympic team members began shooting as JOAD Club members. 

Adult volunteers are needed and always welcome to work with NAA-certified coaches Jane Johnson, Sid Read and staff, in developing Oklahoma's future gold medalists.


 Contact Jane Johnson at (405) 341-1868, or you may e-mail her at   to take part in this exciting activity. 


Beginning archers of all ages are always welcome to come to the JOAD sessions to work on their form and learn from the youth coaching.




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